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We have been writing the date with the year 2022 for several days now. But let's take a look at the year 2021.

For the whole year 2021 the website recorded 181 270 visits, you downloaded a total of 892.48 GB from the website, which is also a respectable amount of data. 

A total of 2496 models were published on the website by the end of the year, at the beginning of 2021 there were 2000 on the website, which we also celebrated with the release of a special model or set in Minimodel colors, of course, to date, we already have over 2,500 models and we continue.

In 2021, the author of the FDS-model celebrated 15 years of cooperation and 35 years of models creation. The author completed the models for this anniversary before the end of 2021, we will publish the models after testing at the beginning of this year. 

In 2021, we re-tested the competition of model authors, which we announced in the category of construction machinery, mechanisms and cars. Finally, three model authors took part in the competition. It was very gratifying that authors from three different countries took part in the competition. The winner in the spectator competition was Jean-Luc Colin, the second place went to František Kováčik, the third place went to Michal Rozínek. After a mutual agreement in December, we decided that the order of the results of the competition is final. 

In 2021, another popular author of LBS-system models announced his return to creation, his models are gradually being published on the website. 

In fact, we have been preparing an exhibition at the Tatra Truck Museum in Kopřivnice all year round, which represented a huge amount of e-mail communication not only with the museum's representatives, but also with individual modellers or model authors. Finally, it was the first visit to the museum and a tour of the premises and showcases, the preparation and printing of graphics, the installation of models on the second visit and the subsequent documentation of the models and the contractual solution during the third visit. You can find articles on the web.

We have published the fourth Advent calendar in a row, this time on the topic of the Paris Dakar race.

At the end of the year, another author of models contacted us, whom we will soon present with his model creation.

Thank you all for the support of the website, and thanks to you we were able to pay the web domain minimodel.sk and minimodel.cz, a license for voting software with lifetime support, web space for the next two years (we will pay at the beginning of 2022 just from the support of contributions in 2021) and last but not least the printing of promotional materials and banners for the Tatra Truck Museum in Kopřivnice.

We thank all the authors of the models for their contribution to the web, so that these models can be downloaded by modelers all over the world. We thank all the beta testers for their time and patience during the construction works, as well as the modellers for gluing and publishing photos of the glued models. This is the best encouragement for model authors to continue creating.

In 2022 we will try to publish models from authors who will send us their models and at the same time we will publish something from the archive of the old website. 

We will continue our cooperation with the Tatra Truck Museum in Kopřivnice, where we are planning one joint project.

We want to organize one competition for model authors and one competition for modelers, if there is interest in these competitions. 

We plan to reach more authors to expand the range of models on the website. 

As the meeting of the minimodelers could not take place for two years due to the pandemic situation, we secretly hope that something will happen at least this new year.