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Dear model authors, on the basis of the vote which ended on 30.4.2021 and which turned out as follows:

1. construction equipment - cranes, concrete mixers, excavators, bulldozers etc... (number of votes 22)

2. forestry and agro technology - forestry machines, tractors, harvesters etc... (number of votes 18)

3. road vehicles - tractor and semi-trailer sets, resp. truck and trailer (number of votes 13)

4. firefighting equipment - ladders, platforms, tank cars, KHA, etc...(number of votes 11)

5. sports vehicles - all types of racing vehicles or accompanying, service vehicles for rally teams etc...(number of votes 6),

we are announcing a competition for model authors in the category Construction equipment - cranes, concrete mixers, excavators, bulldozers etc.

Authors can register by 15.5.2021 by sending a photo of the original (for photos downloaded from the Internet, please respect the copyright, it is necessary to state the exact source of the photo and the web address from which the photo was downloaded).

Sending models to the competition would be possible by 31.8.2021.


Competition rules:

The model must be in a scale of 1:100.

The model must be based on a real model.

The model entered in the competition can not be published before the start of the competition on www.minimodel.sk / www.minimodel.cz or on FB in the groups Minimodel or FDS and Bucobox, which means that it must be at least a new version of the model (the author can use the existing the basis of the model, which he previously designed and published, but it must be a different variant of the superstructure, a different arrangement of wheels on the chassis etc, a different color or graphic version is not enough).

The deadline for delivery of all data will be 31.8.2021, the model should also contain a simple "box" version (in the absence of a simple "box" version, the model will be evaluated with a smaller number of points), the model should contain drawen or written instructions for building the model (in the absence of instructions, the model will be evaluated with a smaller number of points), color solution of the model - we prefer "design" according to the real vehicle, although it is possible to compete with fictitious coloring of various companies. Four photos of the assembled model with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 px must be submitted to the competition, the photos must not be blurred, the model must occupy at least 70% of the photo space.

The evaluation will take place:

- spectator competition based on submitted photos

- expert jury based on the submitted files with the model, photographs of the model and propositions of the competition.

The vote will run until 15.9.2021.


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