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Well, this time we have a new competition for authors (creators) of models.

Competition rules:

  • The author of the models can participate in the competition.
  • One author can compete with only one model.
  • The model must be on a scale of 1:100.
  • The model must be based on a real model.
  • The model entered in the competition must not be published before the start of the competition on the website www.minimodel.sk/cz or in the FB groups Minimodel or FDS and Bucobox, this means that it must be a new version of the model (the author can use the existing base of his model, which he previously designed and published, but it must be a different variant of the superstructure, a different arrangement of axles, wheels on the chassis, etc. A different color variant of the model is not enough.
  • The model should also include a simple "boxed" version.
  • The model should include illustrated or written instructions for building the model.
  • We prefer the color version of the model according to the real vehicle.
  • It is necessary to send at least 4 photos of the glued model to the competition with a minimum resolution of 1920x1080 px, the photos must not be blurry, the model in the photo must occupy at least 70% of the space of the photo.
  • Nominations of the upcoming model will be accepted until 15.01.2023 - the author will send a photo of the original model.
  • Sending a photo of the finished model and sending the model in pdf version is necessary until 15.05.2023.
  • We will start public voting from 15/05/2023 to 31/05/2023.
  • The public vote is supplemented by an expert jury (3 to 5 jurors).
  • Voting will end on June 1, 2023.
  • Theme of the model for the competition - Firefighting equipment, i.e. tankers, combined fire trucks, powder fire trucks, ladders, platforms, etc., which serve in fire brigades, whether voluntary, municipal, state or company.


  • Diploma
  • Souvenir item Minimodel
  • Print model - Limits
  • The book Fire trucks by Milan Dermek.