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And here we have it.

A few months have passed since the authors of minimodels could apply to the competition, send the model template in the form of a photo of the real car and finally send the finished paper model in electronic form together with photos of the finished glued model.

Below the overview you will find links to download the competition models themselves.

At the bottom of the article, you will find the option to vote and the interim results of the audience vote.


Four authors applied for the competition:


The first was Jean-Luc Colin JLC models with the Ziegler Z6 model. It is a model of a special fire engine that serves at many airports and today belongs to the top of the fire fighting equipment. The model is processed according to the model that serves at Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport in Belgium.
 b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_DSC07063_DxO.jpg  b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_DSC07064_DxO.jpg  b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_DSC07069_DxO.jpg




The second author is Ľubomír Blichár Bucobox, with a model of the Mercedes Benz Actros 3344 CAS 40 fire truck from Rosenbauer. The vehicle was originally used in the Slovnaft refinery by the company's fire department and was later sold and currently serves at the Poprad-Tatry International Airport.

 b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_IMG_4744.jpg  b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_IMG_4749.jpg  b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_srovnn-1.jpg
 b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_srovnn-2.jpg  b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_IMG_4747.jpg  IMG 4742

The third author of the models is Heiner von Waechter Mog modelle, with the Unimog S TLF 8/8 vehicle intended for the intervention of firefighters in difficult terrain.

 b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_15.jpg  b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_18.jpg  b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_sutaz_autorov_2023_19.jpg
The fourth author of the models is Petr Sychra PTM model, with the model Scania L 141 6x4 Bronto Skylift NS28-3.

The author did not have time to deliver the model by the specified deadline, so he will not participate in the competition. However, we have a promise from the author that he will complete the model and release it later.



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You can download the Ziegler Z6 model here:



You can download the Actros model here:



You can download the Unimog model here: