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We bring you an overview of news in the 23rd week.

From the author of the Technik models, we will publish two more interesting models this week. The first model is the BELAZ 6411 aircraft tractor, the second model is also the aircraft tractor, GHH FAHRZEUGE AM 110.

From the author of the FDS model, we have another six new models on the website. The first is a KME 4x4 fire truck in the colors used at USAF air bases, the second model is a Volvo 740 sedan, the third model is a Volvo 740 station wagon, the fourth model is a Volvo 780, the fifth model is a Volvo 740 in Swedish police colors, the real car was in service in Stockholm, the sixth model is the Volvo 740 in the racing version.

So do not hesitate to download and build models.